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Scientists Serve the People

Felipe del Castillo is our next College of Science Representative. In the College of Science, the budget cuts on education and other social services is taking its toll in the construction and maintenance of the National Science Complex. Beyond the laboratories, organizations fear of losing their tambayans. Our need for jeeps passing through the complex remains unaddressed. All these we have to bear while struggling through rising costs of basic commodities. We need a College representative who can represent us and fight for our interests on current issues and policies which threaten our future as students and scientists.

We need a CS representative that can genuinely voice our concerns. We therefore should vote for Felipe del Castillo as our next College of Science Representative. Felipe del Castillo is a 2nd Year BS Biology student. He is a graduate of Philippine Science High School and used to be a member of its basketball varsity. He doesn’t just know how to balance academics and sports, he also involves himself in organizations such as the Association of Biology Majors and the CAL Volunteer Corps. He extends his services to the community by participating in activities like the Marikina River Clean-up project. By being a member of the Education Committee of the League of Filipino students, he has assumed the task of constantly learning from the student body and the people, synthesize the facts, and share the knowledge back with them.

Felipe values education not just by doing well academically but by being one with the students in our fight for quality education and basic social services. Felipe has been in the forefront of the
struggle for our democratic rights as youth scientists who will promote science and technology that meet the needs of the people. Felipe believes that to be able to understand the life of the masses
we want to serve, we as future scientists must see our struggle as struggle with the people. Through community work and integration with the basic masses, Felipe gains experiences that provide him with a clear picture of the actual situation of the College of Science and UP in the context of the real state of the country and firm grasp in coming up with correct analysis on issues and formulating effective solutions towards genuine pro-people development.

Felipe as scientist for the people does not limit himself to activities such as coordinating events or mediators, but sees himself as our College of Science Representative to the University Student Council who will take the lead in defending students’ rights and advocating for change.

SIYENTISTA NG BAYAN, makialam sa lipunan
Gamitin ang lakas at talino sa paglilingkod sambayanan!

Exercise our right to vote on March 1, 2012.

Vote for Felipe del Castillo
as our next College of Science Representative.

Konsehong TAPAT sa PAGBABAGO, iboto

STAND UP straight!