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Agham Youth warmly welcomes you Freshmen to the University of the Philippines, Diliman.

We congratulate you and your parents as well for making it into a very short list of qualifiers.

Our university is the best in the country. It has developed its grounds to become a premiere venue for learning. However, tuition and other fee increases have become perennial as a repercussion of annual budget cuts. This means longer days for us and our families to put up with the high cost of education along with other expenses such as board and lodging and fare. To more than a thousand of our fellow qualifiers who don’t have the means, UP has ceased being the opportunity for premium learning.

Outside the university, the situation is just as dismal. The government refuses to render full support in developing our country’s science and technology. It fails to back up our scientists’ willingness to share their knowledge with the people. Science and technology graduates continue to suffer underemployment, amid the people’s urgent need for science and technology that is beneficial to all.

UP students are always challenged to work with honor and excellence. But we are not just students, we are Iskolars ng Bayan. We define honor as fulfilling our duties to the people. We define excellence in the context of advancing the students and the people’s interests at all times. We define honor and excellence not in terms of myopic individual gain, but from the point of view of the people who need Iskolar ng Bayan the most.

We should not isolate ourselves from the people we are supposed to serve. We should have a firm grasp on the concrete conditions of our university. More importantly, we should develop a profound comprehension of the links between these conditions and the state of our nation.We should refuse to remain in the ivory tower and instead keep our feet on the ground with direct and concrete actions to serve the people.



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