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A people’s chemist is like the valence electrons

his life is shared and bonded

with the masses in their struggle

for a new order founded on justice.

(Agham Youth, 2010)


How do we make Science and technology serve the people? Agham Youth has been in the forefront of the struggle of youth scientists to promote science and technology to meet the needs of the people. And to be able to understand the life of the masses we want to serve, we as future scientists must see our struggle as struggle with the masses.


JOHN LAURENCE “JAY-EL” ESGUERRA as Agham Youth Chairperson, led the No to 1.39B Budget Cut campaign in UP and the No to Coal Fired Power Plants campaign last year in the College of Science . He has been an active member of AGHAM Youth and has joined mobilizations and basic masses integration activities. He served as a speaker in various Science Popularization Projects. He has developed modules for the People’s Science School, campaigned against the BNPP revival, joined the locals of Romblon, and volunteered in the environmental investigation mission in the magnetite mining area in Cagayan.


JAY-EL’s experiences in serving and being one with the people will be a big help in having a council that will not isolate itself from the students and people that it is supposed to serve and represent. He will be important to have a council that will have a firm footing on the ground from the concrete experiences of the students in the University. Just as he studied the bonds between atoms and molecules, JAY-EL will always see the issues through the prism of the links between the conditions that a student faces in the University and the state of our nation. Just as he understands that some reactions will only proceed above a threshold, JAY-EL recognizes the power that is inherent in collective action and will work to strengthen and mobilize students to deal with their problems at hand.


JAY-EL is an example of a student leader who can truly make science and technology serve the people. JAY-EL ESGUERRA is our People’s Chemist.


Vote for John Laurence “JAY-EL” Esguerra as our next
College of Science Student Council Councillor.
Join Agham Youth in making S&T SERVE THE PEOPLE.
Contact 09153701659/09158836376