AGHAM YOUTH supports STAND UP’s consistency and dedication for the people

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In its 14 years of serving the people, STAND UP never faltered in being with the students and the people even in the smallest of our mobilizations.

STAND UP was there when the U.P. denounced tuition and other fee increases and fought for greater state subsidy. It was there during the SONA of this and previous administrations. It was there when the farmers fought for their lands or when the workers demanded for wage increase. It was there when the nation ousted a president.

STAND UP was there at the forefront carrying student issues and making concrete what we mean by Iskolars ng Bayan– being one with our people’s struggle.

The most recent triumph of the whole UP community was during the 2010 campaign against the budget cut. With our consolidated effort, state colleges and universities were granted an additional P110M budget for maintenance and other operating expenses; and P226M was added to UP’s original budget. On top of these gains, we have once again proven the inherent strength in collective action. This equips us with a lesson as we continue our fight for a quality education accessible to all deserving Filipinos.

But it was not an overnight success.

AGHAM YOUTH recognizes the efforts made by STAND UP in unifying the UP community to oppose P1.39B Budget Cut and to fight for greater state subsidy. Only STAND UP was there since the beginning of the campaign until the successful campus strike in November 2010. When others belittled the strength in the students’ collective action, STAND UP persisted in making the students take hold of the real situation. Fortified with comprehension on issues, the students bravely walked out of their classes, united in a common goal to fight for their rights.

In the past few days while everybody is busy with campaigning for the elections, STAND UP is continuing to lead the students to fight against the rising costs of commodities and fare hikes. It continues to fight against all government policies that worsen the conditions of the people. It does not just seasonally become activists but are consistent advocates of our welfare. It is always there carrying issues and problems that affect the students inside and outside the University.

As advocates of science and technology for the people, AGHAM YOUTH commends STAND UP for being the only party that promotes national industrialization and genuine agrarian reform. These will create venues for scientists to render service that will truly serve the majority of the Filipino people. This desire to serve is backed up by STAND UP’s programs that secure quality education not just in UP but in the country as well

STAND UP’s GPOA reveals the party’s unequalled sense of leadership developed through years of struggle with the people. The programs all work for one great goal of bettering the lives of all Filipinos. STAND UP has a clear vision for the university which is primarily created to become the country’s biggest pool of graduates determined to serve the people. It also has a clear vision for the Filipino people who work for our U.P. education.

Through its actions, STAND UP has proven its sincerity to serve by its unswerving resolve to be a part of the people’s struggle. Its dependability can be traced back to its foundation and will continue beyond countless elections.


Exercise your right to vote on February 17, 2011

University and local college council elections.

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