AGHAM YOUTH is one with MATTER in making Science & Technology Serve the People

Posted on February 15, 2011 by


In times when our rights as students are constantly challenged, the need for a council that will genuinely represent us is imperative. In this light, we all must choose and vote in the coming College of Science Student Council elections.


MATTER is striving to rise above mediocrity and do away with complacency. During the campaign, they have been trying to convince students that they are better than what the students require of a leader. This is the harder part of having no opponent in the college elections. The most difficult part is yet to come. Each moment in the following year, they have to prove themselves as leaders worthy of the students’ trust. After all, the real verdict will be delivered by the students at the end of the council’s term.


MATTER has taken up this challenge. It is determined to serve as a mediator between the student body and the administration to facilitate airing student concerns and needs. We hope that MATTER go beyond being mediators to becoming genuine student advocates that will put forward our rational demands. It can do this by looking and analyzing issues always from the students and the people’s point of view then uniting and leading the students in a collective response. They have resolved to serve the people as they realize that the constant involvement of the students and giving back to the people is crucial in upgrading the quality of our education.


MATTER’s aim to make science serve the people concrete by leading CS students in rendering service to communities is laudable. This will not just be a good start in serving the people, this will also mark the start of our learning from the people. Armed with the will to give back to the people behind our being Iskolars ng Bayan, we believe that as long as MATTER remains true to their goals and vision, the students, and AGHAM YOUTH in particular, will find them worthy of their support.



Vote NOEL “NOEL” BERNARDO as our next CSSC Chairperson

Vote JOHN LAURENCE “JAY-EL” ESGUERRA as our next CSSC Councilor

Join Agham Youth in making S&T SERVE THE PEOPLE.
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