Turn a New LEAF in the USC!

Posted on February 12, 2011 by


Rafael “LEAF” Perea is our CS Representative to the USC!
It’s time to turn a new LEAF In the USC!


>>> Lead the Nation, Serve the People

*Build upon the burgeoning consciousness of CS demonstrated in the student strikes by engaging in education and mobilization efforts on stress national campaigns such as systemic corruption and socio-economic crises.

*Institutionalize a college-sponsored lecture series discussing important basic issues and concerns that have impact on the students and the people.

*Coordinate with the CS administration to encourage and commit the college in “CS-sponsored” actions such as in Earth Day and organized international days of protest for education.


>>> Empower CS Institutions

*Build the capacity of the CS Publication Scientia by involving it in the trainings of Solidaridad, the system-wide alliance of student publications in UP.

*Initiate the progressive transformation of CSSC governance through joint efforts with student leader formations such as the League of College Councils and the KASAMA sa UP.

*Form and institutionalize the CS Academic Core in cooperation with learning institutions such as the DLRC that will serve as the coordinating body for academic services such as the different tutorials of various CS organizations and the designation of study areas in CS.

*Revitalize and convene the college assemblies monthly that will serve as the student’s venue to discuss local and national issues and concerns.


>>> Advance S&T for the People

*Mobilize CS to participate in environmental advocacies such as the issues of large-scale mining, climate change and energy by coordinating with people-oriented student and national formations such as the Youth for Earth Alliance and the Kalikasan People’s Network for the Environment.

*Promote scientific research and development across all disciplines aimed to ensure food security and agricultural reform  to address our backward, agricultural economy.

*Integrate CS with efforts to protect the human rights of scientists, technologists and environmental advocates, particularly the Justice for Leonard Co campaign and the promotion of the Anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) Bill.


>>> Fight for Student Rights & Welfare

*Strengthen CSSC’s Student Rights & Welfare (STRAW) committee in consolidating and mobilizing the entire college of science in the campaign against budget cuts and lab and other fee increases.

*Consult and coordinate with SINDAK and other CS formations to mount a campaign for our democratic rights such as access to tambayans and the freedom to assemble.

*Enable greater access to references, books and journals by procuring more computer units and increasing the number of journal subscriptions by the CS Library.


Sa sama-samang pagkilos, tiyak ang tagumpay.
Atin ang lakas. Atin ang bukas.
Iskolar ng bayan, tuloy ang laban para sa tunay na pagbabago!