Respect Our Independence

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Joint statement by the UP Youth for Earth Alliance, Ugnayan
ng Nagkakaisang Artista and the UP Sanlahi Alliance
11 February 2011


Cause-oriented alliances are integral formations in the University of the Philippines that imbibe the spirit of camaraderie and collective struggle. We independent student alliances, the UP Sanlahi Alliance, the Ugnayan ng Nagkakaisang Artista (UNA), and the UP Youth for Earth Alliance (Y4Earth), were formed in response to the need to unite the studentry in our respective principles and concerns.


It has come to our attention that we are mentioned in the general plan of action for the University Student Council elections of the political party ALYANSA: “We will reform and engage UP’s existing student alliances such as Interfaith Alliance, SANLAHI, Greek Council, Ugnayan ng Nagkakaisang Artista, Academic Core, and Y for E.” (09 Feb 2011)


While this is an indication that cause-oriented alliances are considered important institutions in UP, it is regrettable how our autonomy from the USC was overlooked by ALYANSA. To call for the reform of our alliances implies the need to correct – with this we ask ALYANSA: what exactly about our respective practices needs correcting?


We believe ALYANSA’s GPOA was not the proper venue to air this insinuated opinion. Why were we not approached and consulted in the first place to work on perceived problems, if any? We are certainly open to constructive criticism, but we believe it better if we receive it through sincere dialogue, and only from quarters that have actually been one with our respective advocacies in the first place.


We need a USC that unifies. Unity is possible not through an imposition of ideas, but by being the glue that holds together the  struggles every Iskolar ng Bayan faces into a collective effort. Cohesion with Iskos and Iskas of different causes is possible not through lip service, but by being genuinely one with their struggles.


We do not need press releases. We do not need a USC that uses our alliances for their own interest when they haven’t been one with our campaigns and concerns from the onset. We need a USC that will concretely and sincerely take action with us. We need a USC that aims to truly unite with our advocacies.


We demand ALYANSA to immediately remove our names from the GPOA. We demand ALYANSA to reform their track record of irresponsibly claiming what is not rightfully theirs. We demand ALYANSA to respect our independence, and desist from dictating how they think alliances should operate.

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