Makabayang Siyentista para sa Makabayang Konseho!

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Makabayang Siyentista para sa Makabayang Konseho!


Charles Anthony “CHARLES” Bunag is Agham Youth’s Councilor to the USC!

5th Year BS Chemistry
College of Science

Class Salutatorian, DOST SEI Special Science Class, Juan R. Liwag Memorial High School, 2006
Scholar, DOST-SEI R.A. 7687 (2006-2010)
Scholar, Prof Salustiano Tegonciang Scholarship (2008-2010)

Chairperson, UP Sanlahi Alliance (2010-2011)
President, UP Organization of Novo Ecijanos (2009-2010)
Pambansa Demokratikong Paaralan (PADEPA) Officer, League of Filipino Students (2009-2010)
Propaganda Officer, STAND UP- College of Science (June-July 2010)
Member, Philippine Association of Chemistry Students, Inc. (2009-2010)
Member, League of Filipino Students (July 2010-present)
Member, STAND UP (2010-present)
Member, KABATAAN Partylist (2010-present)
Member, UP Chemical Society (2009-present)
Member, UP Organization for Novo Ecijanos (2007-present)
Field Operations Officer, District 2, Quezon City, KABATAAN Partylist (April-May 2010)
Layout Artist, The Manila Collegian (2006-2007)
Member, UP Organizational Communication Society (2006-2007)
Co-Project Head, PUMPED UP! Publicity and Marketing and Public Relations Seminar (July 2010)
Co-Coordinator, ACLE on Situations and Issues of Philippine Indigenous Peoples (August 2010)
Co-Coordinator, UP ONE Tagisan ng Talino at Talento (February 2010)
Co-Coordinator, UP ONE College Admissions Test Review Sessions (July 2009)

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Ryan Wayne “YANI” Serrado is Agham Youth’s Councilor to the USC!

4th Year, BS Geology
College of Science

Graduated with Honors, Philippine Science High School- Bicol Region Campus
DOST Scholar

Co-Project Head, Pumped UP: Publicity, Marketing and Public Relations Seminar
Co-Coordinator, ACLE on Issues and Situations of Philippine Indigenous Peoples
Co-Coordinator, Padunungan 2010: Green is the New Gold: Unearthing the treasures of Biodiversity
Co-Coordinator, Screening of the “Cove”
Publicity head, UP Ibalon
Vice Chairperson for Publicity, UP Sanlahi Alliance
Member, UP Gems

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