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A people’s chemist is like

the valence electrons

his life is shared and bonded

with the masses in their struggle for

a new order founded on justice

Amidst disorder of high degree

a people’s chemist is like

Gibbs free energy

focused on the work achieve

creative unity

the people’s chemist understands

the formula to combine the strengths

of each unique property

and dissociate from greed and deceit

A people’s chemist works also in the

big laboratory of life, in the ricefields,

in the picket lines, in the slums and

on the hills, working out the solution

to poverty, hunger, idiocy and disease.

The dedication to serve the people

cannot be quantified or qualified.

It cannot be placed in test tubes,

measured with cylinders or gauged

by the number of cited publications.

The people’s chemist will be put to the test.

analytical, critical and radical, he must be,

for we seek to understand and transform nature

not for its sake, but so that the downtrodden

and despondents will someday be free.

By IT and OM

*for Jay-el, beating the deadliest deadline 😛

and all chemistry students, chemists and chemical engineers,

make science and technology serve the people!