September Ended, But Not our Fight Against Climate Change!

Posted on October 5, 2010 by


How to end September with a bang? Gather people together to talk about climate change and sing for the environment!

That was what Agham Youth did on September 30.

On the last day of  September, Agham Youth organized/co-sponsored two different events:  a forum on climate change in the afternoon, and a cultural night in the evening entitled Rhymes and Rhythms for the Environment.

The forum organized by Philippine Climate Watch Alliance gathered a number of leaders from sectors most vulnerable to climate change: fisher folk, farmers, peasants, workers, women and indigenous peoples. The effects of climate change on these sectors were discussed as well as the current status of different laws concerning climate change and disaster management.

During the night, various groups and individuals shared their talents for free to raise awareness on environmental destruction and climate change and  strengthen the unity of the youth to fight climate change by working towards genuine climate solutions to reach 350ppm and demanding climate justice.

Some of the groups and individuals that performed were:


Political Parteeey!


UP Repertory Company

SILAB (Sining Linangan ng Anakbayan)

Anton Dulce of Anakbayan

Ali of Anakbayan

Leon Dulce and Gladys Regalado of Computer Professionals’ Union (YES! They don’t just work with computers! J Geeks for the environment!)

Geological Majors Society

Jun, Erika and Linda of Center for Environmental Concerns.

Karl Ramirez

Roselle Pineda

Jasmin Icasiano

Rommel Rodriguez

Aki Merced

Chimi Boongaling

Kendrick Bautista

RG Tessa

JM Arcilla

Jace, Ice, Nelj of UP NIGS

Here are some of their pictures and videos.

The program ended with one of the speakers reminding us that sometimes to be really green, we must be red inside;  red with love for the environment and the people, red with anger against environmental plunder, red with energy and enthusiasm to work towards real climate solutions and demand that climate justice be served.