ACTION 2 : 10/10/10: Get to Work! Save the Climate on Every Coast!

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10/10/10: Get to Work! Save the Climate on Every Coast!

A hundred youth from Universidad de Manila Social Work Department, Agham Youth, UP Youth for the Earth Alliance and Kalikasan-PNE joined the 26th International Coastal Clean Up Day on September 25 at the Manila Bay in the Philippines. Incidentally, the date also corresponds to the 1st year anniversary of the typhoon Ondoy which submerged parts of Metro Manila and other cities because of the intense rains it brought.

The collection of trash from our country’s waterways stressed the need to prevent flooding and protect the people from the adverse effects of climate change.  Coastal communities are among the heaviest hit with the effects of climate change. As sea levels rise due to the melting of polar ice caps, coastal communities face the danger of being wiped out. They are also the first to bear the full brunt of strong typhoons. The industrial pollution and trash accumulated in the coastal areas just make it worse.

Coastal Clean Ups are one-time events that can neither solve the pollution problem nor the bigger problem of climate change. However, with these kinds of actions, we urge government leaders to do their part in solving the garbage and climate crisis by implementing effective waste management strategies, preventing industries which are the major polluters of our waterways from dumping their trash in bodies of water (and in the air) and helping the coastal communities adapt to the effects of climate change.

This event is part of the 10-action plan entitled 10Days/10Pledges/10Actions for a Safe Climate Future. The 10 activities are aimed at raising the awareness of people on climate change and invite people to save our climate by joining our activities on 10/10/10 or by setting up their own work party. For more information on our work party activities, please check out