10/10/10 Blog Action Day: Climate Solutions

Posted on September 27, 2010 by


Climate Sentries, Post your Entries!

On 10/10/10, people around the world will work for a safe climate future. Right now, tree-plantings, solar panel-installations, biking events, and various other initiatives organized by the global 350.org movement are being prepared for that day to help the environment and to step up the campaign for real climate solutions.

The Filipino online community is known to be a hotpot of opinion makers and information heralds. Last year, the Philippine celebration of the International Blog Action Day focused on the issue of climate change: we believe the commitment of the Filipino people should not end there, so long as the climate-safe 350ppm levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere remains unachieved. It’s time for another one.

Agham Youth and its network of 350.org climate action advocates, calls on the online Filipino community to write our hearts out on October 10 about the issue of Climate Change. Whether you write about technology, lifestyle, food, sports, activism or anything under the sun, everyone is affected by the growing frequency and extremity of weather events and the rise of global temperatures. Share to the world how each of us can be a part of the Climate Solution!

If you wish to join this event, blog about climate change on October 10 and place your write-up’s link to this post. You can also post this message on all of your social networking sites on 10/10/10: “I am one with the Pinoy pledge to Work for a safer climate future! #350pinoy Now! http://ow.ly/2KuWn” Please make sure to use the hashtag #350pinoy in any post in facebook, twitter, etc. so we can track all related conversations on this day of action!

Every word explaining the problem, demonstrating what is to be done, and calling to action is worth it. So join us now in making the voice of Climate Justice and Action heard: Get to Work! Get to Blogging!