Urgent: Our Climate Action Plan Needs Your Help!

Posted on August 15, 2010 by


This is an urgent request to all of Agham Youth’s friends, colleagues and networks.

Last year, Agham Youth (AY) led one of the Philippine initiatives for the 350.org — an international climate action campaign that calls for a global reduction of the atmosphere’s carbon emission levels from the current level that is a dangerous, point-of-no-return 390 parts per million (ppm), to a scientifically-accepted safe level of 350 ppm.

AY is set to launch a bigger campaign this year, however it won’t be successful without your help. Entitled “10 Days/10 Pledges/10 Actions for a Safe Climate Future!”,the campaign aims to address the long-standing issue of coal power plants in the Philippines through a series of 10 activities over 10 days leading to 10/10/10, including a massive Quit Coal! Quilt, fora and cultural nights, and other educational efforts.

The concept was submitted to the East Asia Climate Fund for financial support. The climate fund grant will be awarded to the submitted project that will garner the biggest online votes through the online voting mechanism. Currently, AY is at second place, and we need a comfortable margin at #1 to ensure that the campaign will be a 100% success!

We call on everyone who share our belief that climate advocacy will not have real, tactical reforms on the road to strategic changes without the people’s collective actions. Please vote for our campaign. Each supporter is entitled to a maximum of 3 votes. Please refrain from using drone accounts so as to avoid disqualification. With such a tight race, every vote from every progressive counts. Thank you very much!# # #

**We would like to share the warm comments we have received from voters:

We from the Computer Professionals’ Union greatly appreciated Agham Youth’s environmental youth camp and 350 climate action campaign last year. We look forward to this year’s work party in making our knowledge, skills and warm bodies contribute to the campaign for Climate Justice. Carry on the struggle for the people and the environment! – GreentechLeon

This is a very good project. Among the projects listed and vying for votes, I think this is the most comprehensive in scope, with activities nationwide. Good luck Agham Youth! – bikoy

It is very relevant to every nation, comprehensive to the wide scope of your country and very detailed. I will recommend you to my friends, Agham Youth! – Ajie

Awesome project and phasing, i must admit, you provide the most comprehensive plan for the grant! 😛 – bernard350